My First Camp Agape - April Sam

When I first started to plan for Camp Agape, I was intimidated and overwhelmed because I had never led a summer camp before. I didn’t know how I was going to best lead my summer staff team and make Camp Agape the best it could be. Yet when the ideas for each week’s theme and details started to become more clear to me, I got excited. I was excited to see how my plans for the summer could help children learn to know more about Jesus and grow academically--all while having fun. 

While there were ups and downs to the seven week camp, overall I am so grateful for how my first Camp Agape turned out. We saw improvement in the younger children’s handwriting, while the older children worked hard on learning how to type properly on the computer. We had children eager to recite the weekly memory verse in front of the whole camp--even the little ones knew the verses! One week during chapel, we focused on Jesus and what He did on the cross for us and it was powerful for the children. Ten of the children said “yes” to following Jesus and wanting to grow more in Him! I am grateful that I got the opportunity, along with my staff, to share the most important thing we ever could with our campers!