2019 Fall Programming


Backyard Bible Club (BBC) - Backyard Bible Club is an after-school program for elementary-aged children in the Agape neighborhood. The goal of BBC is to provide children with appropriate, nurturing, consistent adult attention in a structured and engaging environment that teaches participants the importance of education, staying active, being respectful, keeping a positive attitude, and following Christ's example in their lives. Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30.


Bible Study/Small Group- An experiential discipleship program that will introduce The Gospel and how it intersects in life. In this program teens will process with others the present pain considering God's Word as it speaks to grief, loss, and ultimate victory; or facing failure and working through it as we share our stories and together look at examples from scripture. These small groups will encourage the celebration of life's accomplishments together, observe traditions together, and rejoice together when God answers our prayers. Together we will worship, serve, eat, pray, play, and study scripture. Fourth Wednesday of the month @ 5:30.

Cullen Character Building - Do you attend Cullen Middle School? Join staff at Cullen Middle School on Monday or Fridays between 11:00am-1:00pm. Our goal is to provide the teens with Love and Support the Agape way, through the building of authentic relationships, with intentional conversations, to enable a lasting community impact. Begin to build relationships with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders as we work with them on: Person (Identity/Character); Purpose (Why am I Here?); Power (Control/Influence); Passions (Desires/Hobbies); Position (Where I was, Where I am, Where I’m headed).


Bible Study Groups - The Women’s and Men’s Bible study groups meet once a week to dive into a study-focused topic on what God has to say through scripture. The group meets once a week to share a meal together and go through a scripture-based lesson that calls us to action within our own lives and the greater community. Our goal for these Bible study meetings is to equip adults with biblical tools to further our mission to impact our community.

Getting Ahead - Getting Ahead is both a workbook and an experience. Neighbors work in groups to examine the impact of poverty on both individuals and their communities and to explore the world through the lens of economic class. The aim is to provide a safe, agenda-free learning environment where adults can reflect on and examine their lives, investigate new information that is relevant to them, assess their own resources, make plans for their own future stories, and offer ideas for building a prosperous community. The unique part of this experience is that it puts the learning and growing directly in the hands of the neighbors. You are empowered to seek for yourself rather than being lectured. Getting Ahead will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings and will provide free childcare and dinner for the neighbors and their families. 

Employment Services  - Employment Services is a push toward adult independence. Employment services works one-on-one with adults that are seeking employment. As our families become Christ-following and independent, we want you to be able to stay in the neighborhood and be community leaders. Services include but not limited to help with resume writing, researching job openings, developing interview skills, obtaining necessary documentation (social security cards, ID cards, etc.), or any other job-related services.