2023 Spring Breakfast Gathering


Christopher Senegal attended Southern University and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering.He quickly entered real estate as a second income stream in 2008 as a single-family flipper andrental property owner.In 2013, Chris launched Invictus Development Group to revitalize disinvested communities. Hisprojects are featured in several news outlets highlighting how he successfully brings developmentback to communities that once thrived. He has a threefold approach, starting with single-family, newconstruction that targets young working professionals. Next is the acquisition of existing rentalportfolios to mitigate the displacement of long-term community residents. In July 2020, he completedhis first successful Regulation CF Crowdfund Round that raised $1M+ of equity within the communityto acquire and redevelop a mixed-use portfolio. He created a model of collective ownership thatkeeps residents in their homes while investors benefit from property value appreciation andvalue-add commercial assets in redeveloping neighborhoods.Lastly, Chris develops commercial multi-family housing to attract a broader urban workingprofessional tenant base. All of his projects are in the heart of Houston’s gentrifying 5th ward.Christopher brings strong community relationships and buy-in to the team. He is currently the onlyAfrican-American development partner with the Houston Housing Authority.His corporate engineering background is in ground-up railroad terminal development. He ownsCommercial Rail Solutions which assists private rail terminal operators with site selection, planningand zoning, terminal, design, and business development. Over the past 16 years, he has led threesignificant projects, one for Canadian National Railroad in Memphis, TN, and two projects in LakeCharles, LA, one for BNSF railroad in the second for a private terminal operator Rail Logix.


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