Agape Property Repair Team

We provide high quality and affordable handyman services to the Greater Houston area, and we provide meaningful employment, living wages, and holistic development in our community.

Our on-site foremen have over 40 years of experience in construction and home renovations!

Skilled, Punctual, Professional Home Remodelers


What can we do?



Awnings & Gazebos

Full Home Renovations




What Makes us Different?

You Can Trust Us!

After years of working for homeowners in Houston, we've heard a lot of horror stories. Contractors starting work and never coming back, taking the customer's money with them. A handyman charging a low rate that can't be beat, but never showing up on time and, when he is there, leaving things worse off than before.

We Take Care of Your Home

A success in our book is when our customers feel like their time was respected, their homes were taken care of, and the work done is a quality that they can be proud of.

We Strive for Honesty, Care, Love and Respect

At the same time, our definition of success is when our employees are happy, taken care of, and growing in their profession. We strive to have a work environment of honesty, care, love, and respect. This is the kind of environment we would bring to your home.