Agape Shaved Ice Program

By working with ASIP the youth learn the value of being a good steward of their finances, creating a budget, and the importance of giving and saving. Purchasing snow cones from our youth enables them to make honest money, which enables them to meet their needs/wants in a way that teaches stewardship, empowerment, money management, and service.

Where can you find us?

We set up shop at street corners, BBQ restaurants, church picnics, employee appreciation days, neighborhood block parties...even weddings. All proceeds are paid to our youth employees who have made some amazing and ordinary choices with their paychecks.

Some income has been used for snacks and sneakers (of course, they’re teenagers!), but many kids help out with family expenses or sibling needs, as well as purchasing their own school supplies and uniforms.

Where will we be serving?

Check back for upcoming ASIP locations

Some of our happy customers!

Choose ASIP to serve up cold refreshing shaved ice at your next event. You will be getting a great product and supporting a great cause.