We teach our teens to become active, valuable, and Christ-following members of the community.

The teenage experience has many forks in the road where heroic or destructive decisions are made. It is important that the youth have guidance to help them hear and obey Jesus Christ during this critical phase of life.

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Teen Bible Study

The teens program is a place where everyone feels like family. It’s a place where teens can come to learn more about the gospel, Jesus, and His great love for them. It's a place where the teens have fun and enjoy different events outside of the Agape building. It’s a place where they can learn more about themselves and their future career path.
It’s a place where everyone can belong. August-May.

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The Teen
Summer Experience

This summer career readiness and discipleship program allows the youth to gain job skills and experience with a biblical foundation. Teens learn the importance of keeping Christ at the center of their journey into adulthood through daily worship and devotions, as well as trips to Christian summer camps that present the gospel in an engaging and relevant way.