Adult Independence

Adult Independence offers growth opportunities in both discipleship and employment efforts in an adults’ life, along with program based opportunities.

Agape At Work

This Agape at work program trains unemployed neighbors to secure independence and bring God's Agape love into the workplace. We believe job seekers who live in the spirit of Agape will find great success in the workplace.

This includes resume writing, interview practice, transportation, follow-up calls, thank you notes to employers, coaching on appropriate dress, and workplace behavior training.

Agape Resource Hub

Agape Resource Hub is available for one-on-one resource support such as
COVID resources, employment assistance, education/training resources,
and much more.


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Gettin' Ahead

“Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ by World”

This is a curriculum that guides individuals living in poverty to evaluate their lives so they can develop the skills necessary to survive and flourish. Neighbors will examine their own pasts and create new futures, including developing a written plan for prosperity that is broken down into manageable and achievable steps.

Adult Allies

While similar to a mentorship program, we hope that Allies will be mutually beneficial to neighborhood participants (graduates) and their “Allies.”  The Getting Ahead graduates have much to teach about their neighborhood and what they know and have learned about poverty.

Our hope is that these relationships become close, life-long friendships, which foster more stable lives for everyone involved.